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Potentially Leaked Plot Details For 'Prometheus'

Latino Review says:

Story wise, not much has come out about Ridley Scott's 'Prometheus.' The film was at first to be a direct prequel to Scott's 1979 film, 'Alien,' but underwent a transformation into more of an original feature with "'Alien' DNA" as the director once put it. Someone commenting on an article on Star Seeker claims to know someone working on the set of the film who gave them some story details. Their comment reads:

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Crazay4108d ago

Ridley Scott tells great stories. This is one of my more highly anticipated movies for next year.

darklordzor4108d ago

I'm anxious for this movie just because it's Ridley Scott once again in the sci-fi genre. He's a great director and sci-fi is my favorite genre. To have him doing it again, is just going to be great. Can't wait.

Crazay4108d ago

As I said - Ridley Scott is something of a god among men. Seeing him come back to this genre is sure to be a treat for all of us.

darklordzor4108d ago

Absolutely! I can't wait to see it. I don't really care for the plot details, mostly because I have faith he'll deliver the goods.

alycakes4108d ago

SciFi is not my first choice so it has to bring something really new to the table for me to take interest. This is one that has great possibility.

Crazay4108d ago

But it's basically a story that's set in the Alien universe. That in and of itself should be more than enough to pique the interest of anyone Sci-fi fan or not.

alycakes4108d ago

Sounds great...I'll look for more information online about it..

Crazay4108d ago

Have you never seen the Alien series Aly?

alycakes4107d ago

Yes...I have and I loved them until they got to the Alien v Preditor version then they weren't so hot.

Nes_Daze4108d ago

Oh my, I didn't know Ridley Scott was working on this one, I'm sold..

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