The Final Destination 5 Trailer and Poster Are Here

Shock till you Drop says:

The trailer for New Line's Final Destination 5 (the franchise has re-embraced its numerical title after The Final Destination) has made its premiere.

Fans will be happy to see that Tony Todd appears to have a larger presence this time. And it's interesting to see that the trailer leads with what we're told is one of the film's triumphant kills. You also get a tease of the opening disaster. Click on the player below to check it out!

Emma Bell, Nick D'Agosto, Miles Fisher and Arlen Escarpeta star in this entry directed by Steven Quale. Look for it in theaters August 12.

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Crazay3142d ago

NICE! I've always had a great deal of fun watching the Final Destination movies. I even thought the last was pretty awesome in 3D.

Solid_Snake-3141d ago

agreed. i think they have the same effect the SAW movies have. there kinda the same but you always want to see how some poor mortal looses there life.

darklordzor3142d ago

Meh...not interested. To tell the truth though, I lost interest in this franchise by the end of the first film. I thought dragging it on further was pointless. The fun of the first film is that it's all new and a fairly unique concept (something many horror movies don't get), but by now they are so formulaic they just aren't fun.

Crazay3142d ago

All Horror movies have a formula that they follow - I find the fun in being with the creative ways they finish the people off.

darklordzor3142d ago

Yeah, and I know that was the big appeal for the later Saw films, but I'm not that big into those kinds of movies, and I'm sure that plays a big part in my apathy.

Crazay3142d ago

Fair enough - I think I've been more than vocal about my love for all things Horror movie related.

darklordzor3142d ago

LOL, that's very true, and I think I've made it somewhat obvious that horror just isn't my genre. I don't do well with it, and honestly I scare way too easy! :)

Nes_Daze3142d ago

They are fun to watch..sometimes, but they aren't worth watching at the theatres. They all end practically the same can't escape death..okay we get it now make a character that is badass enough to escape it.

Crazay3142d ago

That would be kinda fun to see but didn't we already see someone beat it with Ali Larter's character?

JL3142d ago (Edited 3142d ago )

Ali Larter's character doesn't beat death. She ends up dying in the second movie.

Edit: Oh, nevermind. Aly pointed that out below.

Solid_Snake-3141d ago

thats a good idea. as most of the characters who die are usually stupid enough to be walking through a bus lane reading a book and listening to itunes. maybe the character who evades death doesnt end up going to a nascar race or a meat grinding factory where something is bound to happen lol.

RedBullGT3141d ago

Well the two characters at the end of Final Destination 2 were able to cheat death. I thought they would be killed off in the 3rd movie, but no mention. So i guess they lived.

alycakes3142d ago

Nope she finally got it in the second one or was it the third know the one where they seeked her out to help and she was stupid enough to leave that safe little room she was in.

Crazay3142d ago

That was number 2 - it's been a long time since I've seen the originals so I'll have to go back some time soon to revisit them.

alycakes3142d ago

I must have missed the 4th one...I don't remember a 4th one.

-MD-3142d ago

You weren't missing much.

Megaton3142d ago

I barely even remember there being a 3rd one. I've got vague images of a logo in my head, and that's it.

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The story is too old to be commented.