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Shadowlocked - Top 10 Films That Should Have Been Good, But Weren't

Shadowlocked - Last time I checked, cinema was supposed to be about the entertainment and expression of us as a society and culture. So why, may I ask, has it become common practice to simply advertise great films and deliver something completely different? Or to give us a fantastic film and then try to subdue us with mediocre sequels? You can’t flick through movie channels on a lazy evening at home without coming across some form of wasted potential; Pandorum, Chronicles of Riddick, or even Spider-Man 3. This list is compiled of two types of film; the kind that have a good pedigree of cast and crew and somehow still managed to mess up, and the kind that are bad in every sense of the word but had some semblance of potential in their plot that was lost amongst whatever choices that turned it into a bad film. So here we go...

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darklordzor4680d ago

Wow, outside of a couple on there, I completely disagree with you. Taken is exactly what you talk about in the first sentence: ENTERTAINING. That's all it was supposed to be. The marketing didn't really set it up for anything else either. It specifically said, it's about a man (with skills) searching for his daughter.

Hancock and I Am Legend were just fun without any extra fluff, I'm not afraid to admit that I enjoyed Terminator Salvation for what it was, and I still don't get why it's so popular to hate Avatar now.

The Matrix sequels weren't that bad. They were still filled with fun and action and told a very solid story.

Solid_Snake-4679d ago

your review of the movies were much better.

TAKEN was amazing. a role i never thought id see liam neeson in but he did a great job.

and people who slate T:salvation need to go back and watch #3. i enjoyed salvation as a movie but kinda a bit too far for a terminator movie...still good film

i though R.E.D was a great film. a load of good quality old school actors blowing stuff up. cant go wrong with that.

AVATAR was a bit soppy for my liking but the visuals were amazing.

-MD-4680d ago (Edited 4680d ago )

Whoever wrote this is on crack.

Taken, Salt, Hurt Locker, I Am Legend, Hancock, RED were all good. The other movies on the list I haven't seen and Its been too long since I've watched the Matrix sequels.

Avatar yeah I'll agree with because it's INSANELY overrated.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34679d ago

The first hour of 'I Am Legend' is decent but the unecessary CG (the human extras in the original were far more unnerving) and the botched ending totally ruined it. I still think another Smith movie, 'I Robot' is far more deserving of this list.

And I actually agree with R.E.D. Never have I seen so many big name actors sleepwalking through their roles. Completely forgetable except John Malkovich's character.

JL4678d ago

Botched ending on I Am Legend? Which ending did you see? (Serious question, cause there's at least two endings).

Defectiv3_Detectiv34678d ago (Edited 4678d ago )

From what I remember, there were two endings to the Wil Smith version. One where he escapes with his newfound friends, and the other where he sacrafices himself to save the others. They both miss the point of the original story - Wil Smith is really the monster, the boogeyman, the 'legend'. He is the true villian; he is the true tormentor.

Also, for those who enjoyed the first hour of I Am Legend, do yourself a favor and get a copy of 'The Quiet Earth'.

luke12345674680d ago

Tbh guys, I was surprised with the choices myself - and I have been writing about film for years! Yet the arguments she puts forward for each are convincing.

I TOO think Hancock was a disappointment, along with Terminator and the Matrix sequels (the 3rd mainly). Hurt Locker was an odd one - I liked it but I agree it didn't deserve the acclaim it achieved. Apart from that, I'm not really sure.

Again though, everyone had different opinions.

mindedone4679d ago

I kinda looked at Terminator:S as a sort of a role reversal, where John Conner was the terminator

alycakes4679d ago

I only agreed with a couple also. Avatar and the Hurt Locker. All the others were very entertaining. The first Matrix was by far better then the two that followed but they still had to finish telling the story.

RED, SALT, T Salvation, Taken, Hancock....all of these were fun to watch. Some made me laugh and some kept me on the edge of my seat. The action was great. I do have to add that I Am Legend isn't one I would bother going to see again but it was okay.

-MD-4679d ago (Edited 4679d ago )

You didn't like The Hurt Locker? I thought it was great.

Cat4679d ago (Edited 4679d ago )

Yeah, wow, The Hurt Locker is a fantastic movie. My brother is in the war and while I don't think he would enjoy the movie (I've heard it's tricky to watch if you have the expertise to recognize where fact meets fictionalized :) ) it didn't keep me from liking it.

I am interested to know what the author thinks the message of THL is, maybe we disagree.

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