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The Voice Of TV: There’s no greater feeling in the world than getting revenge on someone who has wronged you in the past. Remember that kid who beat you in a match of 'Mortal Kombat'? It wasn’t the loss that got to you, it’s the fact that you spent days upon days playing the game, mastering it mind you, where as your friend never once played it. It should have been an easy win… until he throws a fatality on you and you find yourself dead. In revenge you decide to piss inside his Genesis system – that’ll show ‘em to beat me. While this week’s 'Breakout Kings' had absolutely nothing to do with the above mentioned scenario, we see a tale of revenge, but whose revenge is it we are witnessing?

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alycakes4110d ago

I enjoyed this episode because it got some of that tension out between all of them. They needed to vent a little. The cons needed to know the truth about Ray and each other to create more trust. I think now they will feel like they have each others back when they're on a job.

Next weeks show does look like someone is going to get killed from the regular cast...I don't know. They really didn't say that but they implied it. The episodes are improving and I'm enjoying the character more and more.