'Jersey Shore' Delayed Again, Italian Permits Revoked

Pop Eater says:

It seems like there's a curse on the fourth season of 'The Jersey Shore.' The MTV show was supposed to begin filming its next season in Italy this week, but production has been delayed, again, due to logistical problems.

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Crazay3138d ago

Still find this to be one of the more entertaining "reality" shows on tv right now. Last season kinda succked the big one with all the Ronnie/Sammy BS but it still had some fun moments.

Megaton3137d ago

It has become something of a guilty pleasure for me. I get some good laughs out of it. I blame South Park. I never watched it until they blasted it.

filmmattic3137d ago

I totally agree with both of you. It's good mindless entertainment.

But as you point out Crazay, last season was atrocious. And I really enjoyed seasons 1 & 2.

-MD-3138d ago

I grew up watching Real World/Road Rules challenges where the casts would beat the shit out of each other for a nice chunk of money.

I never understood why this show caught on. People were initially talking about the fights that broke out once n awhile. A fight broke out every single day on Real World/Road Rules challenges. They started off semi-real and now they're all millionaires putting on a show to earn more money. Why are you guys still watching?

This show needs to go away.

Megaton3138d ago

I saw the first few seasons of the Real World (the casting place for it is like 3 miles from my house). I don't remember that much fighting (not physical, anyway). I never really watched the Road Rules crossover.

-MD-3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Real World by itself has little violence compared to the challenges.

The difference being there's no money at the end of Real World and there's $250,000 at the end of the challenges. Someone's gonna fight.

Megaton3138d ago

It was idiotic for them to choose a season in Italy in the first place. Italy should give them the boot (no pun intended).

Crazay3137d ago

it'd be fun to see how they do with real italian women.

Nes_Daze3137d ago

Yes! There is a jokes aside, I actually put up with Jersey Shore the first season, just to see what the fuss would be about, same goes for the second season, and then the third season I stopped watching it after just 4 episodes or really is basically the same crap over and over again. It's a bundle of scripted and pathetic drama, that only people that continue to watch this are the bored and poor percentage of teenagers in this country that have no idea how many better tv shows are out there.

alycakes3137d ago

You've got that right. Most of these type of reality shows need to go away. They are taking up time slots for better shows. Give me real comedy or some more drama or ever horror shows.

Soldierone3137d ago

Problem is those cost money and die over time rather fast. Unless its a really good show it won't attract the viewers these shows get, and if they do it will take time to do it.

So these networks choose reality shows thanks to budget and making easy money. Until more people like us grow and lose all interest in them.

TBH I miss when Reality shows were actually reality. Like American Chopper USED to be. When it was literally a dad and son growing a business.

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