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Are Movies Really Getting Worse?

I'm sure you've heard it a million times before: that woefully nostalgic phrase "They don't make them like they used to." Time and time again, I hear many people utter how bad movies are getting these days, as they reminisce on some of their classic favorites or rag on the latest drivel lighting up the box office. I've even heard countless times how many believe 2010 was the worst year of movies in a long time.

Personally, I disagree with such claims. Every year, I manage to find plenty of entertaining movies and great films to watch and add to my ever growing collection. So, I set out to research the history of movies and find out just how true such claims are. My research has sought to find out if movies are getting worse, or what might be the cause of this growing belief that they are. Continue reading to see my finding. You may be a bit surprised at the results.

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JL4762d ago

Something else to point out: this year we already have an average rating of about 7.5 for the top 10 highest rated movies. Granted this isn't high, but it's a good start considering that in the past several years, only one movie has been released in January-March that made it in the list of TOp 10 best for the year by year's end. That was last year's How to Train Your Dragon.

So, this means (if the patterns) continues, 90% of 2011's Top 10 rated movies will be released from Summer on. Meaning those top ones will beat out anything we've already had released. And considering we already have two movies that break the 8/10 mark and two more that break the 7.5/10 mark, that's a fairly decent sign that this year could be another good year, much like last year.

darklordzor4761d ago

That is a good point. This Summer is already shaping up fairly well and I think it's just going to get better and better.

Nes_Daze4762d ago

I think movie critics are too harsh, sometimes they'll give a movie a 0/10, that's just dumb.

alycakes4762d ago

You're right, the critics are to hard on their ratings. I think it's smart to release most of the blockbusters this time of the year anyway. You already know you're going to get a bigger audience in the spring and summer. Kids are out of school and going vacation. Parents have to find ways to keep them happy. The bit older crowd likes hanging out at the theater. Not only that but they get part time jobs and have a little extra money in their pockets to spend.

The ratings are always going to be harsh. I don't ever seem to agree with them but a lot of people do. But if you notice...all these top rated movies in the spring and summer like all our super hero movies....they will never be nominated for Oscars at Oscar time. Maybe the music or the cinematography but the actors really never get much a break on that.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34761d ago

Yes, mainstream films are getting worse. Movies are thought of as commercial properties more than they are...movies. It's all about franchising these days.

Megaton4761d ago

I think movies have been getting worse for a long time. Most of the films I enjoy today are either old, indie or foreign. The severe decline in quality in recent years has lead to me getting into a lot more anime as well.

Megaton4761d ago

Think I may have contradicted myself here in this post. Saying I think they're getting worse but that I still enjoy some current movies (indie and foreign). When I talk about quality drops, I refer to mainstream films. I'm only 27 years old, so I can't exactly reminisce about the "good old days" since those days were in the 80's and 90's. I'm also not the biggest classic cinephile in the first place. My favorite movie is Fight Club, FFS.

I just look at the current crop of mainstream American cinema and I find 99% of it unappealing. There will always be a handful of titles I enjoy every year, but I feel like I used to enjoy a lot more. I could be remembering it wrong, or I could have just narrowed my tastes over the years. Maybe I've just become too much of a pessimistic prick for my own good. The possibilities are endless.

JL4761d ago

Can I choose "pessimistic prick"? lol Just kidding.

Honestly, though, I do think we have this natural thing where people just tend to like less the older they get. I think part of this stems from the fact that, as kids, we're more open to things and can appreciate movies just for their entertainment value and we're not subconsciously analyzing and critiquing it. That's why you look back and you can realize some movies you loved when you were young really were kinda bad movies. But even still you love them because of that connection you had with them as a kid. That connection is ingrained in you from there on out and as such modern movies tend to pail in comparison because it's hard to look at them through those "innocence of youth" eyes anymore.

Megaton4761d ago

I think some of it is nostalgia. I used to rent movies at least once a week, combined with going to the theater once every 1 - 2 weeks. I know I liked a lot of crappy movies as a kid.

I can be quite the pessimist, too.

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