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Steve Carell Will Possibly Return to The Office Next Season? Finale Episode Title Released

Fused Film: FusedFilm had a nice exclusive this afternoon with producer Randy Cordray, the producer on The Office. In our podcast interview, he told us that Steve Carell may return next season as a guest star and that the finale episode is called the “Search Committee.” It is awesome that Carell would come back as a guest star, showing fans he still cares about the show. Here is what Cordray had to say:

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-MD-4115d ago

I've said it before but I'd really like another appearance sometime down the road.

Also I DEFINITELY want him in the series finale whenever that happens.

Megaton4115d ago

Series finale should be mandatory.

MasterD9194111d ago (Edited 4111d ago )

That would be awesome. He should definitely pop back in as much as he could. I really hope they pick someone worthy of his replacement although nobody will really replace him.