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‘The Avengers’ Introduces New Character Costumes

Screenrant: ‘The Avengers’ movie will introduce new costumes for most, if not, all of the superhero characters and S.H.I.E.L.D. members. Will most of them be based off of the Ultimates books?

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alycakes4114d ago

Joss Whedon is very creative but he won't stray too far from what is the history of the character. I know he's been working with Stan Lee for a long time. They were even doing a documentary of some sort this last summer.

I have no doubt whatever he does with the costumes they will be awesome.

mindedone4114d ago

I'm gonna be completely honest and say I know nothing about the Avengers movie. I didn't even know Joss Whedon was attached to this. However, I'm all for different costumes.

alycakes4114d ago

Not a lot is out yet since they just started filming a few weeks ago but they've been brain bashing about it for quite some time now. Last summer at Comic Con Joss Whedon was working on something with JJ Abrams too but I'm not sure what that was all about. I missed that session...there's so much going on, you can't possibly attend everything...but I did see him with Stan Lee and some other guy and they were talking about the Avengers movie.