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Cool New Character Banner and Variant Posters for X-Men: First Class, Plus Early Look at Blu-ray Set

Coventry Telegraph: NEXT out of the gate in this year's superhero movie line-up is the prequel X-Men: First Class and the marketing materials continue to appear as we head towards its release.

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-MD-4115d ago

These look pretty mediocre. The people behind the posters for this movie have been doing a pretty poor job.

darklordzor4114d ago

Very odd to have any info on a blu-ray when the movie still hasn't hit theaters. I guess there's no reason not to, but it just seems odd.

Quagmire4114d ago

The marketing team is destroying this great film imo. The trailers look incredible and show a more mature and in depth look into the characters and their morals based on the comics, yet the marketing is showing off a pg13 action film for tweens.

alycakes4113d ago

Comes out June 7th doesn't it?