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The 15 Greatest Movie Car Chases of All Time

Time: Fast Five, the fifth movie in the Fast and Furious franchise, scored Hollywood's biggest opening weekend so far this year. TIME takes a look at the best speedy auto scenes ever.

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-MD-4109d ago

I instantly thought of Death Proof but I didn't think they would include it. I'm surprised it came in at #1.

Megaton4109d ago

Ronin came to mind when I read the title. Good to see it made the list. Now I wanna watch that movie again.

alycakes4108d ago

Yes I agree with most of them but Transporter is the one I thought about besides Bullit and it Transporter wasn't on the list. I guess the chase wasn't long enough.

mindedone4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

I'm expecting to see Gone in 60 seconds...

Edit: oh well

alycakes4106d ago

I agree, That was good too...especially when he went over that bridge.