Wolverine to Join X-Men: First Class 2?

IGN: Producer Bryan Singer says there would be room for Hugh Jackman to reprise his role in a future First Class flick.

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mindedone4118d ago

well, according to the very first sentence, no, he's not slated to be in the movie.

alycakes4118d ago

No and that movie comes out this month so unless they surprise us he's not in it.

Huge Jackman has The Wolverine movie already in pre production for 2012 but maybe in the next one of their movies.

I know he's been a busy bee. He's got like 4 movies coming out this year.

MasterD9194115d ago

I wouldn't be surprised to see him in any X-men film. He's already stated he loves playing Wolverine so I doubt he wouldn't jump at the chance unless he has scheduling conflicts.