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The Expendables 2 Gets Jean Claude Van Damme as a Villain

Movieweb: Sylvester Stallone has long toyed with having Jean-Claude Van Damme come aboard for this follow-up to the extremely popular action ensemble, often poking fun at the Muscles from Brussels on his personal Twitter account for not being man enough to take on what will surely be an intense shoot. The news of Jean-Claude Van Damme coming aboard didn't stem from there, though, as Sylvester Stallone has been suspiciously absent on the social networking site since January 29th.

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-MD-4109d ago

He should have been in the first one but I understand why he passed it up after seeing it for myself.

When he said he skipped it due to his character being underdeveloped he wasn't lying. Every character in the movie was horribly underdeveloped. Hopefully they take the script a little more seriously this time.

ilikestuff4108d ago

i understand what you're saying but van damme is a terrible actor, he should be happy the characters weren't deep. dont let him know im saying this cause hed kick my ass

Quagmire4109d ago

Michael Jai White should be included in Expendables 2 also.

mindedone4108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

I wouldn't be surprised if he was asked...i think at the time he was doing the tyler perry movie, and terry cruse seemed conspicuously out of placein the first ensemble. That's just speculation though

Nes_Daze4108d ago

For a movie with so many great actors, I thought the Expendables was kinda decent, but not that great. I hope the sequel turns out better. Great to hear Jean Claude is gonna be in it.

alycakes4108d ago

I know it was kinda raw but I still liked it because of that. They said they weren't going to try and use any of the expensive extra stuff or at least not too much of it since just a few of them were financing it. It was decent. The stunts were good and of course the cast was Jason Statham so I hope he's going to be in this one too.

Jean Claude is a good addage and will be perfect for a bad guy

darklordzor4108d ago

I'm sure he'll be in on this one. Since the first one was fairly successful he may be kicking himself for missing the boat. I really hope he comes on with it though. Would be great to see him with everyone else...but as a villain.

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The story is too old to be commented.