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Dexter Season Six Teaser Trailer

Geek Revolt writes "Dexter is my favorite show of all times—so I’m happy to hear details about season six. Recently the head of Showtime said this season won’t feature a “big bad” and that Dexter will return to his roots..."

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-MD-4113d ago (Edited 4113d ago )

Not much of a tease when the whole video is a recap of previous seasons.

I'm glad we're close to new episodes though. Finally...

WitWolfy4112d ago

God damn I love this show, season 5 wasnt as good as season 4 but still enjoyed it too pieces

BushLitter4112d ago

Yeah, season 5 was a bit flakey

Best seasons were the first two. Hopefully Season 6 has Dexter kill his sister - she's annoys the crap out of me

WitWolfy4112d ago

hahaha god one she is a loud mouth

xVeZx4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

fun fact: in real life thats michael c halls wife....well apparently they are divorced now...

-MD-4112d ago (Edited 4112d ago )

First two? Season 2 was easily the worst season out of the series for me.

And yeah they're divorced now.

frelyler4112d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Dexter did kill Debra, they are divorced in real life anyways and Michael C. Hall is a producer so...

-MD-4112d ago

What does that have to do with the show though? They have a strong relationship in the show.

The only way Dexter would kill Deb is if she somehow found out and threatened to turn him in. Even then I don't think he would kill her.

alexi_6664112d ago

I'm sure everyone's noticed that each season Deb gets closer and closer to finding out who Dexter really is without her really knowing it. So i'm very sure she'll find out this season for sure.

alycakes4112d ago

Yeah...I figure she probably wants off the show by now and she's made a couple of movies too. I would be difficult continuing on after her sticking by him while he fights his cancer and doing the show married to him and then he supposedly dumps her over Julia Stiles...who knows...rumors....

I have season 4 already in the season set since I get them as soon as they come out but I haven't watched all of them yet and have no clue how season 5 is so I have to catch up on all this but this is by far one of the best shows on TV right now.

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The story is too old to be commented.