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Street Fighter Legends: Ryu

"Street Fighter Legends: Ryu is a project created by the Paul Gale Network. The idea behind the video is to take a look at the lifestyle and training regimen of Ryu, from Capcom’s Street Fighter series. In the video you’ll see Ryu (portrayed by me) preparing for the next tournament, and doing so anywhere, under any circumstance, anytime. What makes Ryu the “wandering warrior”? The fact that he’s devoted to his martial arts and constantly has the desire to become the best fighter he can. You’ll see Ryu barefoot in the snow doing his Shotokan Karate katas, training in cold, choppy ocean water, climbing without equipment atop sharp rocks, meditating at his dojo, and reflecting on his journey by a waterfall."

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GodzillaOwns4110d ago

Cool video. No high quality visual effects like in the Mortal Kombat webisodes but still pretty neat and good music.

PoopyTheMac4110d ago

Hey sometimes its the amateur ones that are cool.

Amber3604110d ago

Amateur yet with some production quality or at least a good eye for shots..little things like that can take you a long way. What guys like this lack in funds they make up for in passion. What studios lack in passion they make up for in money. For us fans though usually lower budget stuff done right > expensive stuff that in all other areas asides from picture clarity sucks. This was kinda fun to watch.

cathyokunga4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

Ah I thought it was a movie!

Edit: To be fair though this is an overall good idea of what Ryu probably would be doing. Crazy barefoot man who never wants to ride in a car lol.

jwalkerz4110d ago Show
blackhole12264109d ago

Love the music and there are some awesome scenes. But it must have sucked doing that kata barefoot in the snow.

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