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Daydream Nation Review - WGTC

Daydream Nation is the directorial debut for Canadian director Michael Goldbach. Kat Dennings, Josh Lucas and Reece Thompson star in this dramedy about a teenage girl who gets caught up in a dangerous love triangle. Stylish and smartly directed, this Juno-esque film gives Dennings a chance to finally shine and carry a film by herself, which she does so admirably.

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Interview With Michael Goldbach On Daydream Nation

Receiving a limited release this week, followed by a Blu-Ray/VOD release next week is Michael Goldbach‘s debut film Daydream Nation, a dramedy starring Kat Dennings and Josh Lucas. We Got This Covered recently spoke to director Michael Goldbach about the film. He talked about how he got the idea for it, the casting, the soundtrack and more

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Daydream Nation Trailer: Kat Dennings Gets Sexy

Well, look who's all grown up! The indie flick Daydream Nation does not actually have a connection to Sonic Youth or their seminal 1988 album from which it takes its name, but it does have Kat Dennings — best known for a pair of somewhat dowdy roles in The 40 Year Old Virgin and Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist — sleeping with Josh Lucas. Also, lots of hazy, druggy cinematography, jams from Beach House and Emily Haines, and expository voice-over.