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LRA: Thor - Theatrical Review

LRA writes: I would blame the large number of lesser known super hero films being made nowadays on the surprising success of 2008's Iron Man but that is no longer the case with what Marvel is attempting to do here. Iron Man was a well known character amongst comic book fans but anyone outside that circle only went and saw it due to good word of mouth it received upon release and thus became a smash hit. It was a gamble to put so much money into a film centered around a character hardly any of the mass market knew about but it paid off greatly for all involved. Fast forward 3 years and now we have Thor, a recognized name for sure but still a far cry from the legendary status of your Batmans and Hulks. This is a different time though because Thor is just one piece to a greater puzzle, a puzzle that won't be complete until this time next year which is still a ways off. But the question remains, is Thor a good and worthy film on it's own merits or is it just a stepping stone to something down the line?

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