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Shadowlocked - 13 Assassins Review

Shadowlocked - Having seen and enjoyed cult Japanese swordplay films before, including the original of this remake, I had a feeling I knew exactly how the plot of this particular period drama would develop and hoped that knowing the end of the story wouldn’t ruin the rest of the film. You see, the plot of these films are as old as the subject matter themselves, and have appeared in enough Hollywood films that even the most infrequent of film goers will know how it goes.

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filmmattic4109d ago

I still have to catch this movie. I've only heard postiive takes. Naturally, the plot is hackneyed, but I read that some of the visuals and action sequences are astounding...a "40 minute fight sequence." That's ballsy and brazen, but as you write, it works! And I'm all for exciting ultra-violence (in movies, not real life), so long as there is proper motivation.

OSIRUSSS4109d ago

I torrented this movie and I gotta say its pretty good.

alycakes4108d ago

Haven't seen it either so I'll hold my vote until I do but I go with filmmattic...sounds good.