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Comingsoon: 'Bridesmaids' Review

Comingsoon: With Judd Apatow officially being hailed as the Godfather of modern comedy with a regular output of films--some of which he's been more involved with than others--you have to be impressed with his eye for talent and his ability to get the most out of everyone he takes under his wing. With the wisdom of a sage, he's given comedienne Kristen Wiig a chance to develop her very own feature comedy that fits perfectly into the existing Apatow oeuvre that includes "Knocked Up," "Superbad" and "Forgetting Sarah Marshall."

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MinimeJer054113d ago

I really like all the actresses in this film and I am a fan of Judd Apatow, but I just feel weird wanting to see this movie. Not one single friend (guys) have even heard of this movie, let alone want to see it.

Yet, all of my friends (girls) keep talking about how awesome this looks. It's going to be awkward waiting in line for this one...