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Five Not Very Good Ideas in Television

The Hollywood Reporter: There are always bad ideas in television. There are always lessons that go unlearned. That's why the bulk of my job is focused on "failure analysis." Recently, a handful of bad ideas that I thought might be reconsidered have not been. In fact, they are heating up. So let's dip our toes in the milk of human dumbness.

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alycakes4114d ago

Chuck Lorre will be fine without Charlie Sheen. I don't know about the show but he will...he has other shows that are very sucessful.

Katie C. needs a daytime show like we need another hole in our heads. Same for Law and many cities do we have to put up with...I love the actor but give them something else to star in.

There are so many possibilities and yet they keep coming up with the same old thing. Is it so hard to think outside the box these days? Are they afraid to take chances and try something different? We need something new and fresh.