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The Voice Of TV: Tonight there is a touch of bittersweetness in the air as Smallville shares with us its penultimate episode, “Prophesy.” Over the last ten years this show has done its fair share of stand-alone episodes, but I think it’s fair to say that this one can only be judged in light of the series as a whole. It brings with it several familiar faces from Smallville episodes past and ultimately sets the stage for what will happen next week during the final episode.

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Armadilo4112d ago

what finally a good episode for this season

sirdrake4110d ago (Edited 4110d ago )

a good episode? This was one of the worst of the season. This season has been quite good but this episode had events that made NO SENSE. Mainly Lois letting the toy maker take control of her. why? she had super powers and could have ran to Clark within seconds of the Toy Maker making mention of hurting clark. And then the ending was PURELY for the sake of having a twist. The scenes with Oliver and Kara were quite good and actually had a somewhat of a continued story. Clark just lost his powers the week before too. did we really need to see this again?

alycakes4110d ago

No but finally we get Lex Luther back on the 2 hour finale next week and we'll see Clark fly. I am ready to see that.