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Player Affinity | The Office - Inner Circle Review

Player Affinity writes: It really didn't take that long for Deangelo Vickers to turn into a full on Will Ferrell character. And while it's a bit disappointing that that's what he ended up being, it's okay because this was his last episode. These last couple weeks are going to explore the question of who takes over running the Scranton branch now that Vickers is in the hospital with apparently serious brain damage.

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Megaton4110d ago

Of all the potential replacements we know of, I think I'd like Ricky Gervais the most. I think David Brent would make the smoothest transition.

I've also been thinking that they might sideswipe us all and reveal it's a person who hasn't even been mentioned yet.

-MD-4109d ago

Ricky Gervais would be a good choice and I would have no problem with it but the idea of having Will Arnett around the office sounds amazing to me. I'd like to see him get it.