LRA: Top 5 Films Featuring Mel Gibson

LRA writes: Mel Gibson has had always been a very likable screen presence. Even if the film he was in ended up being a complete failure (What Women Want comes to mind) he never failed to charm. While his more dramatic roles and his directorial efforts have pretty much defined his career as of late (his personal life not withstanding) I have always found him to be most engaging when he delves more into comedy or action. Many of his roles have him on some sort of revenge rampage but even in more action oriented fare like those he has always been able to find a good balance between the humorous and intense aspects. I was one of the few people saddened by the success of The Passion of the Christ because once that became such a huge hit it felt like we lost one of our great actors. I am a huge fan of Mel's time behind the camera but due to his charismatic and fun nature in front of the camera I will always think of him as an actor first for better or worse.

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alycakes4110d ago

I really liked his acting in several of his movies like Braveheart, Partiot, a couple of the Lethal Weapons and of course the first Mad Max. He's always been very good at drama and even some of his humor.

As for his personal life..I try not to let that interfere with my decision on his talent. I plan on seeing the Beaver especially with Jodie Foster starring and directing.