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TheGameEffect | The Office: "The Inner Circle" Review

TGE: Tonight was the first episode of The Office without Michael Scott/Steve Carell; and in fact, what was most interesting to me about "The Inner Circle" was the complete absence of Michael -- he wasn't just gone, it was as if he had never even been there...

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-MD-4111d ago

I cringed during the juggling scene. It wasn't even in the same league as last week's episode but it was still decent.

Megaton4111d ago

I didn't like the basketball scene. I hate it when they lose the "camera following around a bunch of office workers" feel. Like the production value jumps through the roof or something for a particular scene. It's kinda hard to describe.

JL4111d ago

I actually liked the episode and thought it was good. The juggling scene was even funny. I had plenty of moments where I was laughing out loud. Dwight had a couple real good moments too which I like.

And of course they completely ignored Michael Scott. I mean they did acknowledge in the beginning that there was a switch over with Will's character being all like "now I'm officially in charge and it's time to get down to business".

But the ignoring of the Michael Scott is probably best for them. Dwelling on it will just drag out the whole "aww Steve's gone" mentality. If they want this show to survive, they have to get past that and get past it quick. That's what they're doing. Furthermore, even slight mentions of him this early in the transition will only exacerbate that whole "let's criticize this as a Post-Michael era and hold it up to that value and keep that whole 'would this have been better with Michael Scott in it' mentality going".

They absolutely need to move away from that character. If they don't, they fail. Everybody knows he was the main attraction of the show and arguably the glue that held it together. He was the one that made it. The only way to get past that is to just cut the cord, burn those bridges and keep marching on like nothing happened.

Furthermore, that's the way Steve wanted it done as well. That's the very reason he didn't have some big extravagant farewell show. Yes it was his farewell show, but it was done in a manner that it wasn't entirely about him and it wasn't this huge spectacle (not in "The Office" world).

-MD-4110d ago

Ellie Kemper (Erin in the show) said next weeks or the week after's episode makes a reference to Carell in the form of a phone call.

But yeah it's pretty obvious they're trying to get everyones mind off him leaving for the most part. Bringing in all those huge name for the finale is a good way to do it.

Megaton4110d ago

Yeah, if they keep talking about him while he's not there, it's not going to work. They need to break away completely if they want to integrate a new boss successfully.

alycakes4110d ago

I might start watching after Farrell leaves.

Megaton4110d ago

Why'd you stop? It's not bad right now. I still got some laughs out of the Farrell episodes, and I'm generally not a huge fan of his to begin with.

alycakes4110d ago

I'm one of these strange people that doesn't like Will Farrell. My daughter thinks I'm crazy but I'm not....there's just something about him I've never liked and I've always listened to that first impression of mine that I have about has been right so far in my personal life. It may sound dumb but some people are superstitious and me.....I'm just funny that way.

When he's gone I'll watch again.

tunaks14110d ago

I really didn't like this episode,
maybe because the previous episode was so good, but I didn't laugh once on inner circle.