GmanReviews' Favourite Actors & Actresses

Gmanreviews takes an account of a few of his favourite actors and actresses currently working in the biz.

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-MD-4112d ago

Cate Blanchett is great in everything I've seen her in but I haven't seen enough of her work to call her one of my favorites.

I definitely need to watch some more of her films.

alycakes4108d ago

Leonardo Decaprio is my favorite male beside Johnny Depp. Johnny Depp will always be my favorite and has always been my favorite but let me tell you why Leo is.

I didn't like Leo D. at all when he was younger as an actor I found his baby face not fitting the roles he played. Then one day I saw Blood Diamonds and I was thrown for a loop. Since then I've had a new respect for him and his acting. I will go see him in whatever he does. He is excellent but I can also tell how he has grown in his acting thru the years because I still don't like the movies he did when he was younger.