First Dark Knight Rises Set Photo Leaked

comingsoon says

Filming officially began today in Jodhpur, India on Christopher Nolan's third Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises and, thanks to local scoopers, the first bits of information have started to trickle out from the set.

Most intriguing is the below shot of a green pool of liquid, snapped by Gautam Valluri and posted to his Twitter feed. Fan speculation has already started, suggesting that the pool could be related to Ra's al Ghul's Lazarus Pit. In the comics, the character bathes in a mystic pool with rejuvenatory properties. The green color of the "liquid" in the photo is almost certainly so it can be replaced in post-production with a special effect of some kind.

Meanwhile, posters at The Dark Knight Rises Community have spotted Josh Pence on-set in Jodhpur, suggesting that, Lazarus Pit or not, al Ghul will certainly be featured in the scenes in India.

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darklordzor4120d ago

I think people are reading way too much into these pictures. I mean, they just laid a green screen down there. It could be for anything. Maybe it's to set up for VFX for something to come out of there, a vehicle or something.

I don't see how a Lazarus Pit would fit in with Nolan's Batman. While it'd be cool to see, I can't see him doing it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34120d ago

Yeah, I don't see him touching on the lazarus pit myself. Then again, I'm also wondering how he plans to handle Bane. I'm thinking that is a hole in the ground leading to the bat cave - maybe for the Batwing?

darklordzor4120d ago

Yeah, that was my first thought too. There are so many other things they could be doing with this.

Nac4120d ago

Batwing? I'm not really seeing it.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34120d ago

Not seeing the Batwing? Lest we forget the rooftop chase scene in Batman Begins?

Megaton4120d ago

I also doubt it's a Lazarus Pit. It could really be anything. It's just a green-screened hole.

Soldierone4119d ago

It is also Nolan and he likes to tease people. For all we know this has absolutely nothing to do with the movie itself and could just be there to get people thinking, meanwhile he is off to the side shooting the real movie.

violent80sarcade824120d ago

i think this movie is gonna be boring the only bad guys are bane and catwoman...who wants to watch a 2 hr long movie about bane i would rather see riddler and his gang mad hatters gang,killer-croc or even penguin and his gang against batman..bane is so boring.

Megaton4120d ago

I'm not really a fan of Catwoman either. I doubt we'd see Killer Croc in Nolan's series of films. Riddler would be really cool, though.

martynmj4120d ago

Personally i think Tom Hardys Bane will be awesome! I'm sure Nolan will come up with something decent for Catwoman and I pray Anne Hathaway does a better job than Halle Berry.

-MD-4120d ago

The first 2 Nolan Batman films were great so I don't see why his final one would suck. You should at least give him the benefit of the doubt after Dark Knight.

MinimeJer054120d ago

Not what I was expecting for the first batch of photos, but I am interested!

Armadilo4120d ago

hopefully for leaked images in the furure

alycakes4119d ago

I'm not reading anything into these photos. I'll wait for the real things before I can really say.

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The story is too old to be commented.