Will Universal Pull The Plug On The Dark Tower?

CinemaBlend says:

The scale of Universal's The Dark Tower project has always been incredibly daunting. In order to pull off a trilogy of films with two full television series in between, the studio would be required to put up an incredible amount of money with no guarantee of success. Now, the project close to starting production, the studio is feeling like a bride on the night before her wedding day.

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Crazay3257d ago

If this project gets cancelled, I would be extremely disappointed. Stephen King is my favorite author and despite the fact that I've never ready any of the series, I know many people who say it's the crown jewel in King's body of work.

Megaton3257d ago (Edited 3257d ago )

I haven't read them either, but all my friends who have say the same thing. It's been recommended to me countless times. Dunno why I still haven't gotten my ass into gear and picked them up.

Crazay3257d ago

Think it's high time we get on it Megaton

Megaton3257d ago

I looked on Amazon and they sell a box set of the first 4 books for $21. If I can't borrow them from one of my friends, I'm gonna pick that up.

NCAzrael3255d ago

Check ebay, you can get all 7 books for $30.

Defectiv3_Detectiv33257d ago

If this project gets cancelled, than god officialy hates me.

darklordzor3257d ago

Noooooo! I've been looking forward to this for so long. At the very least just adapt The Gunslinger. It was designed as a stand alone story and could work well to 'test the waters' for future Dark Tower projects.

Crazay3257d ago

After the 3 books i;m in the middle of are done,I'm picking this series up. I don't even like westerns but i feel that I owe it to myself to read this.

darklordzor3257d ago

Then you'll love these books, because they are not westerns at all. The first one kind of seems like it, but in all honesty, these are Sci-Fi/Fantasy books.

The imagery is a little misleading.

NCAzrael3255d ago

To be fair, I'd call it Sci-Fi/Fantasy/Western. While the Western aspect of it isn't all in your face, it is definitely there. The Gunslinger, Wizard and Glass, and Wolves of the Calla are all very heavy on the Western feel.

Honestly, though, if the books do for you what they did for me, you'll actually find a bit of appreciation for Westerns.

Soldierone3257d ago

I can see it happening. Universal is kinda on a fine line right now. They haven't had anything big in years.

I think you take the gamble though. With this or another project that leads to this. its hella strong stories and a lot of people will enjoy it if the quality is done right. so if they do it, it has to be all cards on the table for the jackpot. If it fails, well so long Universal. I just don't think failing will happen though, not with this.

I would suggest revisiting a classic or doing something to make easy money first, and using that money to make this.

NCAzrael3255d ago

They need to go the Song of Ice and Fire route and put the whole thing on HBO. So far Game of Thrones is awesome, and I can only imagine what they could do with The Dark Tower.

alycakes3256d ago

This sounds so interesting it would be ashamed if it never gets done. I also would like to read the books now that I've heard all this.

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