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( Cinco de Mayo Special: My Favorite Movies Set in Mexico

Arcee: So today is Cinco de Mayo, May 5th. A kind of significant day in Mexican history. No, it is not the official day of Mexican Independence that most Americans believe it to be (that day is actually September 16th), but May 5th is significant in that it commemorates the unlikely victory of the Mexican army over those of the bigger and more well equipped French army of Napoleon III in the Battle of Puebla on this day in 1862. Though this day is mainly celebrated regionally in Mexico in the city and state of Puebla, in the US it has become a day celebrating Mexican heritage and pride. So, as the proud descendant of a primarily Mexican family, I want to take this time to list my ten favorite movies that take place in Mexico. To make the list, these movies had to take place primarily in Mexico, which is why films like Babel, Traffic and several others have been omitted from the list. With that in mind, the following ten are the ones that I remember most fondly and appreciate for taking place and bringing attention to the country where most of my familiar roots come from.

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filmmattic4683d ago

Nice list! It's comforting to know I'm not the only one who decided to post a Cinco de Mayo inspired list. Kudos!

Arcee4682d ago

Thanks. I wanted to do something that honored the land of my ancestors.

Armadilo4682d ago

Robert Rodriguez and Danny Trejo you are awesome and Yeahhhhhh!!!!!!

alycakes4682d ago

Cool list but I didn't know that Antonio Banderas had made a movie of Pancho Villa...guess I'm going to have to look that one up.


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