Entertainment Focus - Review: Priest

Mankind has fought Vampires for centuries. As their threat grew, humans were forced into walled-in dystopian cities protected by the Church. With the rest of the world deemed too dangerous to survive in, a special sect of warrior Priests were brought in by the Church to defeat the vampires and send them into hiding. Now, years on, people have almost forgotten about the vampire’s threat and live under the watchful gaze of a domineering Church. The warrior Priests vanished into obscurity. Priest (Paul Bettany – Legion) gets word that his family were attacked and his niece abducted outside the city limits. It sounds like a vampire attack so he asks for permission to be reinstated by the Church in order to investigate further. When that gets denied, Priest goes against the hierarchy and heads out into the darkness where a new threat beckons that could spell the end the world.

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Armadilo4119d ago

who could have thought that this movie would be terrible