Top Ten Mel Gibson Movies

With Mel Gibson set to return to the screen in The Beaver, Matt's Movie Reviews counts down his top ten best movies.

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alycakes2774d ago

One of his best was Patriot and of course Braveheart. All his Lethal Weapon movies were fun to watch and I enjoyed Signs too.

I am going to go see The Beaver....I think it's going to surprise us but I think it's a sad movie which I usually don't like going to see at the theater but I'll take plenty of tissue.

Megaton2774d ago

I don't care how drunk and anti-Semitic he's been in recent years, he's still a good actor, and even a good director. Apocalypto was a really good movie. As for his acting, my favorite films of his would be Mad Max, Lethal Weapon, and Braveheart.