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Crazed Fanboy: Thor Review

CF: In the deserts of New Mexico a team of scientists are searching the skies for a phenomenon that has occurred in the past. Without warning it’s upon them. Speeding away in their all purpose RV they head across the sand. At the sound of “THUD” they
stop and climb out, curious as to what they may have hit. Hey…where did that guy come from?

Based on the popular Marvel comic series, “Thor” tells the story of (2) boys, both the son of Odin (Hopkins), who is referred to as “the all-father.” Thor, the older son, is strong and spontaneous while little brother Loki is quiet and reserved. Odin often tells them the story of how their kingdom, Asgard, was once overrun by creatures called Frost Giants, huge beings who turned anything in their way into ice. Odin helped defeat them and has forged a peace between himself and the Frost Giant king. Now a young man, Thor (Hemsworth) is about to be named king by his father. However, his arrogance towards the Frost Giants leads Odin to cast him out of Asgard down to Earth. “THUD.”

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