The Hollywood Reporter: Bridesmaids Review

THR: The raunchy/goofy opening sex scene between Kristen Wiig and Jon Hamm leads you to the immediate assumption that Bridesmaids will be serving up a mature female twist on the typical Judd Apatow production of a few years ago. But while there is plenty of sex-oriented humor to follow (some of which feels awkwardly forced), what you actually get is a human comedy with empathetic appeal and a disarmingly candid take on feminine foibles. For longtime Wiig fans, this uneven, overlong, emotionally involving and discreetly ambitious film will represent a welcome and overdue step up from her popular sketch work on Saturday Night Live to something sustained and searching, not to mention pretty funny. Although titled and decked out like a chick flick, this is a picture that can reach both sexes but won't appeal much to teenagers, giving Universal a tricky but not insurmountable marketing challenge.

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Armadilo4113d ago

I thought that this was going to be a terrible movie but ehhh...