Anna Faris Hunts Down Ex-Boyfriends In The Trailer For What's Your Number

Cinemablend: Weddings are always popular movie fodder, but with Bridesmaids, Something Borrowed and Jumping The Broom all opening in the next ten days, the subject matter is starting to feel a little cluttered. Naturally, into this mess, 20th Century Fox has released its newest matrimonial film. Entitled What's Your Number, it follows Anna Faris' character as she comes emotionally unglued after reading an article saying women who have twenty or more sexual partners have a harder time getting married.

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Armadilo4122d ago

will this become a flop ?

Soldierone4121d ago

Im thinking more of a chance to become a cult classic than anything. Sure won't be a hit.

Sahil4121d ago (Edited 4121d ago )

a chick-flick, well.. i won't mind seeing another one :)

alycakes4116d ago

I'll wait til it's on tv and then I'll watch it only because Chris Evans is in it.