Is it Spider-Man, Peter Parker, or Andrew Garfield?

Slash News says:

Here’s even more high flying action from the set of The Amazing Spider-Man, and it’s clear that the stunt men, along with a casual street-clothed Andrew Garfield (Peter Parker) are putting in their webbed work.

Pictured swinging from a bridge in Harlem, New York City, landing on an NYC Taxi and nonchalantly strutting away from the scene, check out a live action preview of what seems to be an anticipated action sequence from the upcoming film.

The film is projected to hit theaters in July, 2012.

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Soldierone4528d ago

i really hope the special effects people are godly and there is something to the suit we are not seeing yet. I cant stand the leather shine look it has...

But those shots are pretty cool, i can see where its going a little bit.

Armadilo4528d ago

hopefully they use cgi to remove some chode what's with this new costume ?

alycakes4527d ago

That's what I was saying before...it is different in some way...isn't it?


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