( Dylan Dog: Dead of Night Review

Dr Chris "Based on a very popular European indie comic, Dylan Dog: Dead of Night follows the adventures of private investigator Dylan Dog who works with monsters and other things that go bump in the night. However, after a pretty bad fallout with the vampire clan of the city as the result of the loss of a loved one, Dylan decided to just handle normal investigative cases like cheating spouses and insurance scams. But when a young woman’s father is murdered by a werewolf, and it leads to a secret that is being hunted by both werewolf and vampires, and several other supernatural monsters, Dylan is forced back into helping these creatures. He is also helping his new partner Marcus, who is killed in battle and resurrected as a zombie against his will and must learn to cope with his new undead existence."

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darklordzor4122d ago

Poor Brandon Routh, I was hoping he'd find another film that he could really shine in. I guess Scott Pilgrim will have to remain his best performance for a while.

alycakes4121d ago

My daughter and her boyfriend went to see it and they said that if you just want to see something fun with friends that will make you's a good movie. She said they had fun watching it because it was stupid and funny.