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'Terminator 5' Director Justin Lin Denies Original Cast Reunion, Won't Get Stuck In Continuity

MTV News says:

Judgment Day is behind us, but the threat of Skynet still hangs heavy in the air as "Fast Five" director Justin Lin and original star Arnold Schwarzenegger join forces for "Terminator 5."

"I've talked to Arnold and I feel like there's a take that I'm excited about, a 'Terminator' movie there that I've always wanted to see and I still haven't seen," Lin told MTV News in an exclusive interview about the new "Terminator" outing. A lot has been reported about Lin and Schwarzenegger's approach to the post-apocalyptic action series, but the "Fast Five" director insisted that recent buzz about the franchise's original cast rising against the machines one more time simply isn't true.

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Crazay4119d ago

I can't say that I'm terribly heartbroken but I admit that it would have been pretty cool to see the original Kyle Reese and Linda Hamilton back in the series. Seeing that he may not even follow the timelines of 3 and Salvation is a little concerning though. I liked 3 and thought it was awesome the way it ended (kinda creepy that the same day right after I saw it mass power outtages on the eastern seaboard and cell networks were crushed). I also really enjoyed Salvation.

darklordzor4119d ago

Wow, that would be creepy to have all that stuff go down right after watching T3...although I think it's just a matter of time now.

Soldierone4118d ago

T3 was my favorite of the films to be honest. Salvation though...probably one of the worse movies I have seen in the recent years.

darklordzor4119d ago

Honestly, I'm actually glad to hear this news. Bringing all the original cast together would be some great fan service, but I doubt it would actually work out to be anything decent.

I'm not exactly keen on the idea of him moving it out of the continuity of the last films. I like what Salvation did and even T3 staid well within the established timeline. Mucking it up would be a little odd.

Crazay4119d ago

You're absolutely right. I think the next step should still be in the future and maybe to the point of where they send the original Terminator to take out Sarah Connor...Would actually be really neat to see them in the future, but they send someone back to the 80s during the same time as the original movie and we could see some parallels.

Soldierone4118d ago

So it would basically be like a reboot of the franchise, but this time the Terminators want a different goal. Honestly that sounds badass lol.

I don't think it should be identical. However they could go slightly ahead of the first film, to where Connor is already getting attacked, but not another terminator is there (the same terminator of Arnold) trying to finish the job. Since they are just simply programmed machines it would be awesome.

Crazay4118d ago

That's pretty well exactly what I mean.

alycakes4118d ago

I'm have mixed feelings on this one. Linda Hamilton doesn't look so bad these days. She's on the spy show Chuck. I think it would work if maybe they had made her into a machine after she died and she's sent back to do some of the protecting. Her and Reese both.

Sahil4118d ago

which means no Arnold this time, yay!

I was so bored of him, seeing him play the role for years :)

Crazay4118d ago

Arnold is confirmed to be in the next movie dude but fear not, he's got other projects coming too.

Soldierone4118d ago

Which all seem to be reboots or squeals to work he has already done lmao...just wanted to add salt to the wound. ;P

Crazay4118d ago

That's not true Soldier - one of them is a enw original project based on a book i think

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