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Tomb Raider Heroine Lara Croft Gets Movie Makeover From Top Action Writers

Deadline says:

The Iron Man and Cowboys & Aliens writing team of Mark Fergus and Hawk Ostby have been hired by GK Films to script the rebooted Tomb Raider film franchise. They will create a new adventure storyline for archaeologist/adventuress Lara Croft, played in the original Paramount films by Angelina Jolie. GK partners Graham King and Tim Headington are producing.

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darklordzor4765d ago

Hmm not a bad pair to help make this reboot happen. Personally I'm okay with not having another Lara Croft movie. The first two weren't bad, but I just don't see another one bringing anything new to the action/adventure genre.

Crazay4765d ago

*Ya you're probably right but if they can give it an Indiana Jones sort of feel or add a lil something supernatural with a darker edge, then it might be well worth the look

Soldierone4765d ago

Exactly. It needs the Indiana Jones or National Treasure feel to it and Ill absolutely love it. Im a huge sucker for those things. Tomb Raider has some of the best stories there is for that type of stuff.

darklordzor4765d ago

I wouldn't be opposed to a National Treasure feel, but at the same time that just makes me want another National Treasure. Maybe my interest in these adventure films is waning...More than likely I've never had enough interest in the character to begin with.

JL4765d ago

I'm perfectly fine with another Lara Croft movie as long as it's done well. Here's my only reservation about these writers: They're more action writers. Though they've done other things (CHildren of Men, First Snow), when getting into this realm theirs lean more to the action. I think Lara Croft should be much more about the adventure aspect of the action-adventure genre.

I know some people will be like "what's the difference?" or feel there hardly is one, but I think there's actually a huge difference between action and adventure. And that there's a lot of room to sway between the two in the action/adventure genre. I just don't want to see it made into some blockbuster big-time action movie, rather than a wild-ride adventure movie with some action sprinkled in.

Soldierone4765d ago

I think how the games changed proves your point entirely. When they took the discover aspect for granted and made it all about action the sales started to slump and people became disinterested in it. They go back to it a little bit with Underworld and people love it again.

I agree that this will probably be geared for action and that kinda sucks. However reading their interviews they have at least played the games and know a little bit about it so there is a small glimmer of hope.

darklordzor4765d ago

Yeah it's always good when they've at least played the damn games...Don't need any more 'Uncharted' syndrome going around.

alycakes4765d ago

I liked the Lara Croft movies and Jolie playing the part but if they find someone else to play the Croft part I'm not so sure I could deal with that because it just wouldn't be the same. Jolie is still young enough to do the action thing and she loves that kinda stuff but they'll be looking for someone younger probably.

Soldierone4764d ago

Jolie is confirmed already for not returning, as it is a reboot. So dont get too sad haha.

There are plenty of women they could pick. After all Jolie started to get big because of Tomb Raider, they could find new young (good looking) talent and have yet another women action star running about. Which would be very nice indeed.

Sahil4765d ago

What are they going to do with another movie, i can't really think of it, hope they come out something different as the last two :)

Soldierone4764d ago

Its going to be darker and griddier. it will also be an origins story. As the writers noted they wanted to do an origins tie in story. along with that the games are being rebooted, so they will probably follow the same route to an extent so they can cross sell each other.

Expect something in the lines of Underworld

Defectiv3_Detectiv34764d ago (Edited 4764d ago )

If by 'dark and grittier' they mean less campy, I'm all for it. I will say that 'gritty' doesn't always mean better though.

And is it just me or does Angelina Jolie look a bit anorexic these day. I'm glad she's not starring in this, she looks a little ridiculous doing action pictures these days w/ that frame of hers. For the love of god Angelina, eat a cheeseburger or something already. Somebody needs to start a relief fund for her diet.

alycakes4764d ago

She's too busy feeding the kids to eat herself silly. Anyway..she's thin but I thought she was always kinda thin wasn't she?

It doesn't matter because she's not up for this part anyway. We'll see who ends up with it. I just hope they get someone good that isn't afraid of doing some of the stunt work themselves and can do some good acting at the same time.

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