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Not Screening Films For The Press Is Still a Big Problem According to Skewed and Reviewed

With the news that "Priest" will not screen in advance for critics, Skewed and Reviewed have written a new article that looks at this growing problem in the industry.

Defectiv3_Detectiv34530d ago

Nice article, and will I will say you do have point, I'm not sure if it is that big of a problem. Does anyone think that these movies not being screened in advanced will actually be good? Are the people who go to see something like 'Priest' really going to read the reviews?

And the T-Meter is just as guilty of hyping a movie. It's not a very accurate reflection of a films quality. Take 'Thor' for instance. The movie has a 80% on the T-Meter; that's unusually high for a film of it's caliber. What is the average rating for the film? 6.8, barely passable. (I'm sure this is due partly in fact to the few critics they allowed early screenings, none of them are highly esteemed).

To be honest, I had a better time with 'Insidious', a horror film that got a lowly 66% on the T-meter (w/ an average 5.9 rating). Both films are worthy entries in their respective genres that both take some pretty huge missteps, but if I must say Insidious is the all around better film.

If I've learned anything from RT, sometimes it is better for a film not to have a high T-Meter score, because a lot of times these types of films just play it safe. As long as they are just good enough to get a pasable score (6.0 or higher) they are marked as fresh. It makes something Iron Man, a film with one of the most misleading T-scores in recent history, look like Citizen Kane.

A movie that takes risks is going to polarize critics, usually leading to a lower RT meter, but at the same time it's kind of refreshing to see a filmmaker take risks.

Garethvk4530d ago

Good points. My main issues is with studios coming to us to hype and promote films months in advance and then cutting us off from doing our jobs. It's a pain to promote a film which is basically saying we think you should see this and then they tell you its so bad we don't want youto see it.
Many critics though are way to serious and upright. I expect it from the over 50 group but some just get off on ripping everything.

alycakes4527d ago

All this negative publicity does make me more curious and it does make me want to see it that much more.


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