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Not long ago, Duncan “Zowie” Jones’ biggest claim to fame was simply being the son of superstar spaceman Ziggy Stardust, or as he’s known to most mortal Earthlings, David Bowie. But that all changed when he deftly directed the indie sci-fi hit Moon, notably without the aid of any glitter or hairspray — a sure sign that his father had little to do with it.

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alycakes4122d ago

I didn't go see it because it just didn't make sense to me. No one can do anything in 8 one! It's not like the show that was on TV "Seven Days" where the guy at least had a week to figure out who, what and where to get rid of the problem or threat.

I saw no way this movie could end well and it would probably frustrate me so I kept myself away. I may check it out on dvd when it comes out but even then I don't know.

Nes_Daze4122d ago

This movie reminded me of deja vu with denzel washington when it came out, I thought it would be a horrible flick, but judging from the reviews it turned out much better than I expected, might rent it this weekend.