Player Affinity | Avengers - Season Finale Review

Player Affinity writes: Assembling for the big finale of their first season, The Avengers head to Asgard to take down the mysterious ultra-villain who has plagued them for the last 26 episodes. This action-packed trilogy of episodes closes off just about all of the plot threads in a satisfying way, yet leaves us with a doozie of a cliffhanger at the same time.

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LegitimateJournalist4122d ago

Can't wait for the full season DVD of this!

darklordzor4122d ago

I have not followed any of this show, and I probably won't bother with the DVD. Don't know why but it never interested me, despite all the good things I've heard.

Soldierone4121d ago

Its nothing like Justice League Unlimited...but it was okay to watch for an extent.