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CG Monthly Reviews: Thor

These days it wouldn’t be summer movie season without superhero adaptations, so this Friday the blockbuster season officially kicks off with Marvel Comics’ latest big screen venture Thor. Though the character is obviously iconic, he seemed like the most difficult member of the core Avengers team for Marvel to bring to the big screen. After all, we’re not talking about a wisecracking contemporary playboy like Iron Man. This is a Norse god and a character rooted in mythology and fantasy. Not so much room for one-liners and fast food tie ins here. In order to properly introduce the character, Marvel was going to have to set a substantial amount of the film in Asgard and lay down a lot of mythological backstory in a way that could so easily appear silly onscreen. Fortunately the comic-publisher-turned-film-st udio once again proved to know exactly how to make the cinematic translation. When Shakespeare-specialist director Kenneth Branagh was hired to direct, he was certainly a left field choice. Thankfully the studio’s faith in an unconventional blockbuster filmmaker was richly rewarded, much like it was when Jon Favreau was hired off of Elf and Swingers to direct Iron Man.

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alycakes4113d ago

I believe our theaters first showing is at like 10:30am...I'm going to be there....can't wait to see Thor and find out what everyone has been talking about.

Armadilo4113d ago

Really 3.5, i guess this is an average movie score