Terminator 5 to Feature Entire Original Cast

Why bring this up? Because I have news. That’s right, I’m going to bury the news almost 500 words into a rant about how much I like Terminator. Why? Because you deserve better than one-line of new information about a project that doesn’t have a script yet. You deserve to know the context and why this little bit of information suddenly has me pro-Terminator 5.

Or should I say “Terminator 2012” which is the title the pitch is going under right now. It involves time travel back to the present day, and - the exciting and mind-bending part of it all - is that it has the “entire original cast” attached to it, not just Arnie.

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Armadilo4123d ago

Better bring back Arnold "the Governator"

GodsHand4122d ago

and pay him in Arnold bucks!

Megaton4123d ago

That would be quite something if they could get together the original cast. It would definitely go a long way pique my interest.

alycakes4122d ago

I love your idea and the original cast would be awesome. I think they made a mistake with T3 and making it so Sarah Conner had died of cancer. That kinda limited her return right there.

They'll think of something and if it's anything like what your saying it will be worth the wait.

Crazay4122d ago

A little bit I would have to agree but not terribly disappointing.

doctorstrange4122d ago

Thanks for the link, was just getting my hopes up.

alycakes4122d ago

doesn't hurt to throw those ideas out there...someone important could be never know.

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