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ClickOnline - Priest 3D Review

The star and director of 2010's Legion reteam for a vampire-bashing post-apocalyptic melee but ClickOnline's Daniel Anderson was left unimpressed by what he could see through the 3D murk.

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-MD-4113d ago

I thought the trailers looked terrible for this one so I'm not surprised at all with the review or the score. I doubt I'll be seeing Priest anytime soon.

Garethvk4113d ago

Hence why they did not screen it for the press and used a lame post filming 3D conversion.

Armadilo4113d ago

I thought this was going to be a b movie but turbed to a d- what a bummer

Garethvk4113d ago

Another huge sign is the Pg 13 rating. Clearly its R rated subject matter that was toned down to get the tween and teen dollars. Just watch we will get an unrated DVD in a few months.

Soldierone4113d ago

Thats what i didnt understand. On Conan he advertised it as "Vampires are scary and gory again" Well you can't get that with a PG 13 just get a slightly creepy Twilight creep.

Soldierone4113d ago

The name really turning me off to begin with. Then one of the trailers grasped my attention, then got ruined by them extending it. The cuts they made really covered up the 2000 CGI effects the movie has. You know the shiny looking textures so it doesn't blend and look real...

That and the British accents...sorry to be an American but I can only take the heavy British accent for so long and i just watched two movies with it....

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The story is too old to be commented.