Pot Comedy 'We're the Millers' Lands ‘Dodgeball’ Director

THR: Rawson Thurber is in negotiations to step into the director’s chair for the project, which centers on a drug dealer who, on his 30th birthday, decides that he wants out of the business.

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-MD-4123d ago

Always down for more stoner comedies. After the disappointing 'Your Highness' I'd like to see a really good one. Hopefully this delivers.

Soldierone4123d ago

What's his name leading a comedy movie is enough for me to have doubts. Glad I didn't bother seeing it. Even if james Franco and Natalie Portman are in it.

-MD-4123d ago

Who McBride? I'm a big McBride fan and I had such huge hopes for it to be good but damn they basically put every good joke in the trailer.

If you haven't seen the red band trailer then you'd probably love the movie.

Soldierone4122d ago

Ive seen all of them, I was super excited to see it especially with Natalie Portman in it.

I just don't like him and his humor. He is good as a secondary character, but not the lead role in my opinion.

Armadilo4123d ago

This doesn't sound like a bad plot and this has potential

Soldierone4123d ago

I see a little too much drama for it to be all out funny. I think thats the thing that really turns off some comedies. Like Pineapple Express had drama, but it was really fast and it goes back to comedy at every point it can.

This still sounds interesting I just wont expect a Seth Rogan Stoner comedy from it. Also why call it Pot Comedy? Sounds gross lol...stone comedy sounds better.

Nes_Daze4122d ago

The plot sounds good, I'll keep an eye on this one.

alycakes4122d ago

It might make it. Sounds like it would have the audience at first but they would have to keep the plot interesting and funny.