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Warner Bros to Acquire Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes Says Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted a press release that confirms Warners Bros plans to acquire Flixter and Rotten Tomatoes.
Warner cites the move as a plus for digital sharing of movies but Skewed and Reviewed raise concerns about a film studio owning a movie review site and how accurate reviews of Warner Bros films will be when a studio can ensure that only positive reviews show up first and remove critics who constantly pan their efforts.

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Armadilo4113d ago

Warner Bros really wants the best Movie Reviews and help to destroy its competition

Soldierone4113d ago

I don't think its really for positive reviews entirely. I have been following Rotten Tomatoes and they have actually been expanding a ton lately. Walmarts streaming service uses them as a review guide, the "Netflix" recomended Movies app also uses them, and they were expanding into other area's rather fast. Let alone they were doing a good job of attracting people to follow them for reviews.

WB simply wants a share in that money and see's the improvement and how well it can expand. Notice the same thing happened with Facebook. No one had an interest when it was just a social network, suddenly it expanded and branded itself and every multi-million dollar company out there wanted shares in it.

Am I saying WB wont skew the reviews in their favor? No...they are a big studio thats obviously going to happen.

Christopher4112d ago

Walmart, Netflix, iTunes, Flixter. I think the only major tool/store I go to that doesn't use them is Fandango.

doctorstrange4112d ago

Very interested to see WB movies avg score a year from now in relation to now.

JL4112d ago

I don't really foresee any problems from this. Is there opportunity for WB to skew things here? Yes. Will it happen? I doubt it.

Rotten Tomatoes is already an established site with established go-to critics. And that's a major point here, they don't really write their own reviews, but rather they just round up reviews from trusted critics and put them in one spot. So it's not like WB will suddenly have critics in their pocket.

The only thing they could really do is start excluding critics who give their movies bad reviews. However, this wouldn't be taken kindly and would be easy to prove. Thus, it would prove to have a really bad backlash for WB.

So, again, I don't see this being a problem.