Star Wars Blu-ray Details and Features

G/Zepperoni writes:

"Sweet. Check out the Press Release after the jump.

Details on discs 7 to 9 are the meaty ones here that you should be reading or care about."

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darklordzor3181d ago

Yay! Honestly, this news isn't terribly exciting, and it's pretty much exactly what most people thought would be included. What I think is the coolest, are the original "Making of" docs from the 70s and 80s. I remember watching those as a kid, and they're so hard to find now. Very happy for that. 40+ hours of bonus footage is plenty to keep this nerd happy!

alycakes3181d ago

If it's all going to be the's no big deal...ditto.

Megaton3181d ago (Edited 3181d ago )

Do we get cookies with this milk?

Well... I suppose a BluRay release is reasonable. We should definitely get cookies in the theater when the inevitable 3D versions are released.

Armadilo3181d ago

I knew that this stuff was going to be included and this blu-ray is going to be popular with all of its Starwars fans

alycakes3180d ago

It will be and there is still a lot of those fans out there. My nephews and brother-in-law are some of those loyal fans. I'm sure they will be there for the new release.