FilmFracture: Thor Review

Kathryn Schroeder of FilmFracture reviews Thor and concludes that it is everything a Summer blockbuster movie should be, even with the occasional flaws in the story. But the impeccable direction by Kenneth Branagh and intense visuals overshadow all else that disappoint.

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alycakes3464d ago

Don't care what critics say at this point. The previews have already sold me on this one.

darklordzor3464d ago

So far I've seen nothing but pretty positive reviews for this film, and honestly, that's the only reason I plan on seeing it now.

Before I was pretty set on not seeing this film, because I really had no interest before. I thought the previews were blah and the I've never cared for the character. With all the good reviews though I have decided to check it out.

-MD-3464d ago

Agreed. The positive reviews for this movie are overwhelming. I honestly thought it was going to end up being panned by critics.

darklordzor3463d ago

Yep, that's what I was almost expecting. At the most I was thinking it's be 'okay', but so far everything is glowing.

artsaber3464d ago

I wonder if anyone has played the game. Heck I wonder if the movie and the game are good.

darklordzor3464d ago

What an odd scoring system....3/4. I've never seen a rating system just go up to four. Seems kind of odd.

-MD-3464d ago

The weirdest ones are -/6. I don't get that scoring system at all.

I think of 4 as like a 4 star restaurant.

darklordzor3463d ago

I guess in that context that's very true. I guess it just threw me off because it's something I rarely see when it comes to movies.

FilmFracture3463d ago

I am sorry if the 3/4 throws you but on the site we use a scale of 4 per category...we like even numbers I suppose.

JL3463d ago

I think -/4 is somewhat fairly common (hence it's even an option on here). Roger Ebert uses a 4 star system (just to name one big name critic).

That being said, I'm surprised with these scores. I've seen nothing that even remotely impresses me about this movie.

darklordzor3463d ago

Yeah, I haven't been impressed with anything either, and that's why the scores are about the only reason I'm going to see it. I really want to know what all the buzz is about, and if there's a good reason for it.

alycakes3463d ago

Yeah I don't know how they go about doing that. But I guess it really doesn't matter...does it?

Nes_Daze3463d ago

that's a decent score, can't wait to watch it for myself.

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