Movie Threequels: The Good Ones

Games 4 Guys writes: Not too long ago Games 4 Guys featured Movie Threequels: The Bad Ones. With bad must come good and here it continues. There are several threequels that are not on either list. Either they were too horrible to care or they were simply mediocre. So mediocre they weren’t worthy of either list.

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-MD-3666d ago

The first 3 Scary Movies were all good too. 4th sucked horribly.

alycakes3665d ago

I enjoyed the Lord of the Rings Trilogy, the Bourne Trilogy, I liked the Terminator 1,2 and the 4th (Salvation) but I thought the 3rd one(rise of the machines) was a waste of time and money. Star Wars of course.

As for new ones I'm looking forward to the 3rd Iron Man and I loved the Pirates of the Carribean movies too.

Armadilo3665d ago

Scary Movie was just a rollercooaster between good and bad movies