IGN: The Green Hornet Blu-ray Review

IGN: When The Green Hornet came out in theaters, it was under a cloud of bad press over delays, creative shake-ups, problematic 3D and a lukewarm reaction at Comic-Con. Though it managed to take the number-one spot during its opening weekend, that's not saying much in January, a notorious dumping ground for movies that wouldn't be successful any other time of year. With Seth Rogen cast as an unlikely superhero and art-house director Michel Gondry at the helm, Green Hornet could have been a disaster along the lines of the first Hulk film, so I was surprised at how much I enjoyed it.

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alycakes3465d ago

Actually it was at the 2009 Comic Con and had great reviews then but wasn't released in 2010 when it was suppose to be then in 2010 Comic Con came along it was there again. I was wondering what had happened when we never saw it come to the theaters in 2010 but we were still pleased with the results when it finally came out. Both my husband and I enjoyed it. It was very funny and had a lot of good action and even some good drams.

Soldierone3465d ago

I saw it there too. To be honest no matter the excuse I know it has to deal with marketing and putting it next to The Green Lantern. People constantly get these two confused and it overall helped people at least check the film out.

alycakes3465d ago

I guess you're right. I never really thought about that.

Armadilo3464d ago

I might go buy this movie just to support SONY

fury433460d ago

Green Hornet was a great movie. It was a lot of fun to watch. They had a lot of chemistry together. You just have to watch it just for a fun time not for anything serious.