THOR L.A. Premiere Pics at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some red carpet photos of the talent at the recent L.A. premiere of THOR.

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-MD-3666d ago

1. Is Dennings gaining weight?

2. Where is Portman? I've yet to see her promote this movie.

Garethvk3666d ago

I think she is close to her due date as she has kept it a close secret. I believe outside of the Oscars she has not been seen in public much. She did no real P.R. for Your Highness and none for this.

alycakes3665d ago

Yeah I think thats the reason. She probably was getting very uncomfortable by now. That okay as long as the others show up...they're pretty cool.

Armadilo3665d ago

I wish that i could go to see movie premiers

alycakes3665d ago

Wouldn't that be fun? I think some people have the best job when they have to watch these in advance so they can give the reviews for all the media. Then some get to attend the premiers and interview the actors on top of that.