DVD and Blu-ray Releases for the Week of May 3, 2011

After a couple of dry weeks, we have a couple high-profile releases finally hitting shelves on DVD and Blu-ray this week. However, neither are really anything to write home about and probably not worth actually buying. Check through the link, though, for the full list of releases.

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alycakes3462d ago

Got out and bought it this morning...loved it at the movies so I had to have it. I'll be watching it this weekend when there's nothing on TV

artsaber3462d ago (Edited 3462d ago )

It was one of the worst films I've ever seen... in my life. Seth Rogen is like a 30 year old teenager. It is not funny at all. They should've done a Kato movie starring Donnie Chen.

Megaton3462d ago

I didn't even know Penn & Teller: Bullsh*t season 8 had started. Gotta look into that.

Armadilo3461d ago

Hey anybody like the Green Hornet ?

artsaber3461d ago

One of the worst movies I've ever seen, they can keep the money, I just want the time back wasted from my life.

-MD-3461d ago

It's worth watching. Has a couple funny moments but it definitely could have been better.

darklordzor3461d ago

I absolutely loved it. It wasn't the best film ever, but it took the Comic Book movie genre in a very different direction/take which felt like a breath of fresh air. With all of these very similar comic book movies coming out, it was nice to see one take a different approach to it.

I thought it was funny and well worth watching.

JL3461d ago

The Green Hornet doesn't even interest me much really. I'll probably get around to getting it off of Netflix, but I'm not that pressed to even see it. Kind of the same with The Dilemma, though I'm maybe ever so slightly more interested in seeing that one, but still that's a minimal amount and will end up being done through Netflix.

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